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Abraha Bahta Fundraising Dinner

The Eritrean Development Foundation had a successful fundraising event held in St. Louis, Missouri April 29, 2023. The night started with a lovely traditional dinner. After dinner guests were invited to the hall for a presentation on the Eritrean Development Foundation and our last project which was building a maternal home in Kerkebet, Eritrea. We also discussed our current fundraiser for the Abraha Bahta School for Blind (ABSB) in Asmara, Eritrea. After the presentations, the guests mixed and mingled and enjoyed additional refreshments while they bid on artwork, and bought Eritrean jewelry and merchandise. After that, guests enjoyed a vibrant game of Eritrean bingo, which featured familiar patriotic and traditional Eritrean images. Bingo winners were awarded patriotic merchandise, such as an Eritrean license plate holder, Eritrean flag shirt, and traditional scarves. We ended the night with lively Eritrean music and dancing, guests danced to upbeat music from some of the ethnic groups of Eritrea including Kunama, Saho, Tigre, and Tigrinya. 

The Eritrean Development Foundation would like to thank the St. Louis Eritrean community and the surrounding areas for being a part of our event and making it fun. Thank you to the women of the St. Louis Eritrean community for preparing the dinner. We would also like to thank all the donors who couldn’t attend but contributed electronically or by mail. It’s with all of these contributions that we are able to make our event and project a success! 

Dr. Aida Abraha, an Eritrean Development Foundation Board Member, and her fellow Chicago YMCA yogis practicing yoga and posing for the camera in their Pan-African T-shirts back in May 2022. The Board Members designed the Pan-African T-shirt to raise funds for the Abraha Bahta School of the Blind in Asmara, Eritrea. The Eritrean Development Foundation thanks you for your support!

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